A bright white smile is a universal sign of health, well-being and attractive appearance. Even very white teeth become darker and discoloured with time and age. Teeth whitening is a perfectly quick and painless method to have a beautiful smile at any age.



Beyond Polus is the ultimate, most sought after teeth whitening method. Teeth whitening will not only brighten your teeth, but also will remove discolourations that are caused by many factors. Diet, medications, coffee & cigarettes. The BEYOND POLUS system is completely safe and allows teeth whitening also in patients with sensitive teeth.

Thanks to the teeth whitening treatment, it is possible to significantly reduce the problem and achieve impressive results. At MEDI ME, we whiten teeth using the ultimate BEYOND POLUS method. Already during a single treatment, which lasts about only 1 hour, your teeth become 7 shades lighter. Depending on the post-treatment dental care, the effect lasts from 2 to 3 years.

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