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As the result of ageing and gravity, the drooping of tissues and the formation of wrinkles, our eyes will get a “tired look” begining from around the age of 30. The upper and lower eyelids show a tired look with excess skin and sagging walls. Putting on make-up will be more difficult. This is sometimes worsened by sagging eyebrows as well

An eyelid surgery is a very common treatment to bring your sagging tissues back to their original position, by removing a little fat from the inside of the upper eyelids, or by lifting the sagging fat. The excess skin is removed and as a result one gets back that natural, younger, open and awaken look.

This surgery has the same risks with any other surgery. The specific risks and possible complications will be explained during your interview with your surgeon. Possible temporary side-effects to eyelid surgery can be:

  • Skin redness and oedema in the early healing phase.

  • The normal drainage of teardrops can be impaired and you may ‘sense’ more tears or “watery” eyes due to swelling immediately after a lower eyelid correction.

  • Redness or oedema of the eye sclera

About the Surgery

After surgery, there may be typically swelling and bruising, lasting about a week. Full recovery is often rapid, with most people healing in 7 to 10 days. Running eyes and some swelling are common for the first several days, then this usually settles naturally. If the lower part of the eye is treated, eyelashes may fall out, and then grow back in a few weeks time.

Our price includes surgery, all medication, all transfers in Istanbul and English speaking host. Eyelid surgery lasts around 1 to 3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. You may return to your daily activities in 7-10 days.

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